***  SIDE  BY  SIDE  -  YET  OUT  OF  SIGHT !  ***

Two fully-blind and very popular man-servants, "Penton" of the Randoria Province and "Gullanus" from Florentius, stand "Side-by-Side - Yet Out of Sight" of each other in the Castra Entrance Hall of "Gullanus's" Master in the Province of Florentius.  "Penton", now sometimes called "Penton-Occaecarus" (Penton-Blinded) or simply "Occaecarus" (Blinded / Blind-One), is standing on the Left, attired in his usual, at that time, "closed-front / crossed-back" body harness, along with a Randorian Workshop Dress Helm, high dress collar, "winged" wrist gauntlets and a long dress skirt.  "Gullanus" or "Gullanus-Celarus" (Gullanus in the Dark), is on the Right, fitted-out with a protective metal "musculata" cuirass and back-plate, Randorian Dress Helm, long leather shoulder cape, "segmented" wrist gauntlets and long Florentius style dress skirt.  Both are wearing undecorated high calf boots.  "Penton" has the original style (later Style-1) face-plate with the smaller eye aperture, while "Gullanus" has been fitted with the later Style-2 face-plate, which has a larger vision opening.  'Penton" also displays double "mouth-emulation" on his face-plate. 

Being blinded, both men have had their "Oculus" eye openings "sealed-shut" or "closed-over" with solid so-called "Penton-Plates" mounted behind the normally open vision apertures in their face-masks.  "Penton-Plates" took their name from the eye aperture closure plates originally used on "Penton-Occaecarus", after he was blinded in a vicious attack by ruffians who threw a caustic soda "lye-like" substance into his face and eyes.  "Gullanus" nearly perished after being severely injured and blinded in battle.  He recovered physically, but never regained his eyesight.  Being "totally blind", these two servants were very vulnerable to being punched, poked-at and otherwise harassed and abused when in public places, hence they were generally kept by their Masters within the confines and security of their respective Castra compounds.  However there were times when they appeared in public and after several incidents of harassment, "Gullanus" was "armored" by his Master with a musculata cuirass to give him some protection when in public, mostly from juveniles who thought it was fun to harass a blind-man who could not effectively fight-back.  Gullanus' body armor was commissioned by his Master and produced by the Royal Randorian Workshop (RRW).  Some time afterward, "Penton" was provided with a set of protective "anti-harassment" leather body armor for routine service when he was traveling or stationed in places where he might be subject to physical abuse.  Later, he also received a set of metal "musculata" upper body armor from the RRW, very similar to that made for Gullanus, for additional protection and to wear during formal events and other exhibition occasions.  ***  See the "Armored Against Abuse" Section below for more views and details on "Penton's" anti-abuse body armor.  *** 

Due to their common affliction, Penton and Gullanus came to know each other quite well and appeared together at several "Master's and Servant's Conclaves", and from time-to-time, served together at other "inter-provincial" formal events and exhibition occasions, where they were admired and "fawned-over" by an adoring public.  "Penton-Occaecarus" is still capable of, and desires to do physical labor not requiring sight or extensive random movement and is regularly assigned as the "Cistern-Driver" where on demand, when his name "Penton" is called-out, he uses his 6 foot height and 185 pound body weight and muscular legs to walk a circular path powering the windlass that lifts water from the Public Square Cistern-Well.  Penton also performs protocol service and ceremonial duties for his master, Sovereign Randor.  Due to his battle injuries, Gullanus is unable to do heavy labor and spends most of his time doing casual light-duty labor and serving in protocol assignments and ceremonial duties for his Master.  Both "Penton" and "Gullanus" are normally assigned a sighted servant, who travels with them, looks after them and otherwise attends to their needs.   blind-020,021   May-2007   700 high 




Close-up views showing the difference between the original early style face-plates (left, center-left, center-right ) and the later Type-1 face plate (right) worn by Penton (left, center-left & right) and Gullanus (center-left & center-right).  On the Far-Left is the early Pre-Type-1 face-plate, as originally fitted to Penton after his "blinding", with the normally open triangular "oculus" (eye opening) "blanked-over" with a solid insert mounted behind the aperture.  At Left-Center, is the interim Pre-Type-1 "Slab-Front" face plate, worn for a time by both Penton and Gullanus.  The Pre-Type-1 "Slab-Front", at Center-Right, with just "mouth emulation" and the face-plate secured by simple-studs, was used for a time by Gullanus.  The Type-1 at Right has a smaller "oculus" opening and was used by both Penton and Gullanus.   blind-001,002,003,004   300 high


Views of the additional incarnations of the Type-1 Dress-Helm, with a smaller "oculus" eye aperture, and the later Type-2 Helm, with a larger vision opening, as worn by "blinded" servant-subjects with the normally open "Oculus" aperture "plated-over".   Left & Center-Left - A Type-1 with and without mouth emulation, and with the face-plate secured by simple studs.  Center-Right - A Type-2 without mouth emulation and at Far-Right, a Type-2 with "double-V" mouth emulation.   blind-005,006,007,008   300 high  



Views of "blind", Man-Servant, "Penton-Occaecarus" (Penton-Blinded) or simply "Occaecarus" (Blinded / Blind-One), out-fitted with leather torso armor, along with shoulder and arm protecting spaulder-pauldrons and gauntlets.  Being totally blind, he and other sight-impaired servant-subjects were quite vulnerable to being harassed and physically abused when in public places, primarily by juveniles and ruffians who would "punch" them and "poke" at them for fun.  After several incidents of such abuse, "Penton's" Master, Sovereign Randor, had a heavy leather cuirass and back-plate armor-set  produced by the Royal Randorian Workshop (RRW) for "Penton" to wear during routine duty while in public areas.  The shoulder spaulder units feature large vertical "Haute" armor plates mounted on them to protect the neck area.  Later, a Full-Dress "musculata" style metal cuirass armor-set, similar to one made for the blind man-servant "Gullanus of Florentius, was produced by the RRW for "Penton" to wear during formal events and exhibition occasions, as shown below.  Although the protective armor could restrict free movement and be warm and uncomfortable to wear for long periods, both "Penton" and "Gullanus" felt more secure while wearing it in public places where they could be subject to harassment.  They were both heard to say that, after a time, they came to feel insecure and less safe, and somewhat "undressed", when they did not have their "armor" on, even when they were in non-public areas and not subject to abuse.   blind-022,023,024   May-2007   500,470,500 high 



Views of "blind" Man-Servant "Penton-Occaecarus" out-fitted in his "Full-Dress" body armor, over which is mounted the shoulder and arm protecting spaulder-pauldrons and gauntlets he normally wears for routine duty in public places, where he may be subject to harassment or physical abuse.  After several incidents of such abuse, his Master, Sovereign Randor, had a heavy leather cuirass and back-plate armor-set  produced by the Randorian Workshop for "Penton" to wear when in public areas.  Later, the impressive "musculata" style chest and back armor, shown here, was commissioned by Sovereign Randor for "Penton" to wear during formal events and exhibition occasions.  The armor is near identical to an armor-set which had been previously made by the RRW for the blind servant Gullanus in the Province of Florentius, after he had suffered from incidents of harassment and abuse.  While the full-dress "musculata-cuirass" style body armor produced for "Penton" and "Gullanus" was nearly identical, the attire worn with the armor by each of them was very different.  As shown above and below, "Penton" is wearing his armor over a subarmilis with "pteruges" at the shoulders and waist, along with a long dress skirt and a double set of decorated right and left shoulder and arm protecting  spaulder-pauldrons being strapped over the "musculata" style body armor.  A Randorian Dress Helm, winged wrist gauntlets and winged leg-greaves over high calf boots completed his "out-fitting".  This very impressive "dressing" was worn and "displayed" by "Penton" at a "Master's and Servant's Conclave", where it was awarded "high-honors".  It also won acclaim at several other exhibition events.  "Gullanus", as shown in the view further above, wore his armor with a long shoulder cape, long dress skirt and high calf boots without greaves.  Both men wore the Randorian Dress-Helm fitted with so-called "Penton Inserts" covering the "oculus" eye apertures in the face-plates.  "Penton" had a "Style-1" face-plate with a smaller eye aperture, while "Gullanus" had a "Style-2" plate with a larger vision opening.  See the views further above for a comparison of the two styles of face-plates and the "Vision Control Mask Insert" section further above for details on "Penton-Plates".  Unfortunately, the two blind man-servants were unable to visually appreciate their stylish and impressive attire.  The RRW later offered and produced a number of similar "musculata" styled body-armor sets to be worn as formal attire by normally "sighted" servant-subjects as well as "Praetorian" ranked individuals.   blind-025,026  May-2007  700 high 

Additional views of the impressive and award-winning "armored" outfitting of "blind" man-servant "Penton-Occaecarus" with "musculata" style cuirass, dress-helm, double shoulder spaulder-pauldrons and winged wrist gauntlets.  Note that the "oculus" opening on the "Style-1" face-plate has been "blanked" or covered-over with a solid insert plate mounted behind normally open vision aperture, and the high baffle-plates protecting the sides and rear of his neck.  Although somewhat uncomfortable to wear for long periods, the "armoring" offered the blind and vulnerable "Penton" some relief from harassment and physical abuse   blind-027,028   May-2007   440 high  




"Penton" a Randorian Man-Servant, was rendered physically blind and suffered serious facial disfiguration after being attacked by "ruffians" and having caustic soda ("lye") thrown into his face.  After a painful recovery, he was out-fitted with a Formal Head-Dress  containing a semi-permanently attached Face-Mask with an interior solid filler plate covering the eye-vision opening.  Penton, now sometimes called "Penton-Occaecarus" (Penton-Blinded) or simply "Occaecarus" (Blinded / Blind-One), regularly wears a "face-masking" head-dress to cover his disfigured face and destroyed eyes.  He remains a popular and hard-working servant performing chores and services not requiring sight or random movement.  Penton-Occaecarus is regularly assigned as the "Cistern-Driver" where on demand, when his name "Penton" is called-out, he uses his 6 foot height and 185 pound body weight and muscular legs to walk a circular path powering the windlass that lifts water from the Public Square Cistern-Well.  Over time, he has worn several styles of face-masks with his Formal Dress helm, which are shown below.  Penton shares his living space with a fellow "sighted" servant and close friend, "Dexius", who attends to Penton's needs and assists him to dress, move about and perform his daily chores and duties. 



Views of the first style of Face-Mask used by "Penton-Occaecarus" after his recovery from being blinded in an unprovoked attack by ruffians which left him permanently and physically "sightless".  Note the damaged skin around his chin and neck from having caustic-soda or "lye" thrown in his face during the attack, and that the normal eye-vision opening of the mask has been sealed and covered-over with a solid plate mounted to the inside surface of the mask.  This method of using an internally mounted plate within the face-mask instead of the external pivoting "vision restricting" visor became popular and was adopted by many owners for controlling the range of vision on their servant-subjects.  The internal plates became known as "Penton Plates" referring to the cover-plate, as shown here, installed on the Formal Dress Helm of the well-known and popular "blind" Penton-Occaecarus.   blind-010,011,012   Jan-2007   400 high 



Some time later, Penton was fitted with a longer "slab-front" face-mask without a "covered-over" eye-vision opening, giving him a "face-less" and more ominous appearance.  This plain "slab-front" mask was unique to blind "Penton-Occaecarus" and he was readily recognized in public when wearing it.  Later, a similar plain-slab mask was also used by blind servant Gullanus in the Province of Florentius.  The two blind servants, Penton and Gullanus, appeared together a number of times, when they stood side by side, "on display" at several "Master's and Servant's Conclaves" and at other inter-provincial formal and exhibition events.  Penton's "slab" mask was later modified with the application of an eye aperture emulation, which was removed after some time, when his mask required replacement and the eye emulation was not applied to the new mask, as his appearance was no longer unique with the eye emulation applied.  However, the eye emulation was again later applied to distinguish him from Gullanus.  See below for more details on their differing appearances.  Note that here the side cheek protectors are still unadorned.  They were later decorated with medallions placed at the lower front end points of the protectors.  On some other dress helms the cheek protectors just had small studs placed at the lower front end points, while other cheek guards remained plain and undecorated.  Although the longer face-plate was intended to more fully obscure the damaged skin around Penton's chin and neck, it also made eating and drinking more difficult for him, as he was not normally permitted to remove his face-mask while in public view due to the ugly scars on his damaged face.  However, he could eat small snacks with his fingers and drink with a straw while wearing the mask and generally was able to eat his regular meals out of public view, when he would be allowed to remove the head-dress and mask for eating and drinking convenience and comfort.   blind-013,014,015   Jan-2007   400 high 



Penton's outfitting was later enhanced with the addition of decorative metal "V's" to simulate an "Oculus" or vision opening on his solid face-mask.  This eye emulation was later removed, as his appearance was no longer unique, as with the simulated "oculus", he appeared much the same as other sighted servants who had "Oculus" decoration on their face masks.  Small medallions at the lower points of the cheek protectors and a duel set of strapped shoulder spaulder-pauldrons with decoration on the body straps further enhanced his appearance.  Unfortunately, blind "Penton-Occaecarus" was unable to see and appreciate his impressive outfitting.  However, the enhanced appearance obtained by using the metal "V's" to simulate the eye opening on Penton's Helm was duly recognized and the use of "V" decoration to define and surround the eye-vision opening on the Face-Masks of the Formal Helms for use by "sighted" servant-subjects was soon adopted and became the so-called and very popular "Cyclops-Penton-Mask" option on the Formal Dress Helms produced by the Randorian Workshop.  The Workshop also offered "Cyclops-Penton-Masks" for retrofitting to existing Formal Dress Helms already in service.  The eye opening on "Penton Masks" was fixed in size being defined by the metal "V's" surrounding it.  For a time, blind servant "Penton-Occaecarus" had a "shallow-V" mouth emulation added to his (the first and original) "Cyclops" style face-mask, but later, when he received a new replacement helm and "Cyclops" style face-mask, the mouth emulation was not applied.  A "Penton Mask" with its much enhanced appearance, provided a moderately obstructed field of vision, and from a practical point of view, was primarily intended for "standing-display" and exhibit duty during formal situations and occasions.  Later, the "Penton Mask" (style-2) was offered with a larger "Oculus" eye opening, which provided a wider and much less obstructed field of vision, as shown below.  The original "Penton Mask" with the smaller oculus opening was redesignated as the Style-1.   blind-016,017   Jan-2007   400 high 



The popular and well known blind man-servant "Gullanus", of the Province of Florentius, shown out-fitted with a Randorian Workshop Style-2 "Dress" Helm and wearing the standard "Florentian" cross-belt harness and long leather shoulder cape, which he initially wore.  Note the larger eye-aperture or "Oculus" of the Style-2 mask, which due to "Gullanus" being totally blind, has been "sealed-over" with a solid so-called "Penton" insert plate mounted behind the mask's vision aperture.  The Randorian Full-Dress Helm with a Style-2 face-plate became the standard head-dress for "Gullanus" to distinguish him from the blind man-servant "Penton-Occaecarus" from the Province of Randor, who also wore a Randorian Full-Dress Helm, but had a Style-1 face-plate with a smaller eye aperture, "sealed" by a solid "Penton" type cover-plate.  Penton-Occaecarus and Gullanus often appeared together during Binder's and Tier's Conclaves and at other inter-provincial  formal and exhibition occasions.  Since they were of similar size and body build, the difference in the appearance of their face-plates helped to tell them apart, even though they wore differing attire.   blind-040,041   May-2007   400 high