INDIANAPOLIS  -  2002  &  2005 

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More than 200 Stormtroopers, Biker Scouts, Bounty Hunters, Tie Fighter Pilots, Tuskan Raiders, Imperial Officers, Royal Guards and Sith Lords of the 501st "Vader's Fist" Legion assemble on the steps of the Imperial Academy Training Center (Convention Center RCA Dome Stadium) in Indianapolis, Indiana, on Saturday, May 4, 2002.  This photo session set a record for the most  501st Legion members in a single photograph and was followed by a Grand March into the Convention Center for the Wizard of the Coast sponsored Celebration-II Event commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the release of the first Star Wars Movie in 1977.   Thanks go out to Stephen Tyler, TK1024 for his masterful reworking of this great photo.   The wide view photo below is courtesy of the 501st New England Garrison Website

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It was reported that upwards of 90,000 people attended Celebration II over the the three day run of the "Con".   The fire marshal temporarily suspended admissions twice on Saturday, May 4th, when some 50,000 people showed up to attend throughout the day.  The lines were long and at times slow moving;  but well behaved.  The 501st "Vader's Fist" Stormtrooper Legion served above and beyond the call of duty in verifying admission badges, performing crowd control and otherwise assisting the Wizard of the Coast Staff in managing the largest Star Wars Convocation since the 1977, when the first Star Wars Movie was released.   

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Some nice close-up shots of the Sunday Morning Group Photo from "Shimanize"  

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501st Legion Members assemble in the Indianapolis Hyatt Hotel Lobby prior to marching to the 2002 Celebration-II Group Photo Session at the nearby Convention Center Stadium.  A similar line-up took place for the 2005 Celebration-III Photo, Sunday, April 24, which due to cold and windy  weather (with snow flurries!), was held in Hall-C of the Convention Center.

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501st Parade to the State Capitol Steps on Thursday, April 21 during Celebration-III.  Photos by Britt, C3 501st Photographer 


The 501st Legion arrayed on the steps of the Indiana State Capitol, Thursday, April 21, 2005, during Celebration-III.    Photo by  Britt, 501st C3 photographer 


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At Left, Trooper Oberon TK124 Garrison Carida, Dave Hoffman TK1201, Mountain Garrison and another trooper, stand guard over the Milennium Falcon at Celebration II.  At Right, "Oberon" of Carida, stands "buckets-off" with Chris and Lance of the Star Garrison.   



You knew that Someone would Do It!  One of the most outstanding and ingenious costumes at Celebration-III was this 7 foot tall General Grievous creation by ??? (if this is yours, please let me know who you are).  It is worked as a puppet, being grasped by the carrier with gloved hands just above the hips, as in center left photo, with the feet being mounted to the carrier's feet and the front set of arms being connected to the carrier's arms.  Note the carrier's arm extending from cape in the center right photo.      


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