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Held Annually over the Labor Day Weekend at the Marriott Marquis and Hyatt Regency Hotels in Atlanta, GA   www.dragoncon.org   dragoncon@dragoncon.org

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Dragon*Con 2003 - 501st Legion Group Shot on the steps of the Sun Trust Building, a few blocks from the Convention Hotels.  Some 122 Members of the 501st Legion took part - comprising 57 StormTroopers, 2 Snow Troopers, 3 Clone Troopers, 8 TIE Pilots, 11 Biker Scouts, 9 Sith Lords, 14 Imperial Officers, 7 Royal Guards, 11 Bounty Hunters and 3 1/2 Tuskens (with baby tusken).    Top Photo by Steve Montes, TK/BH7906, Garrison Tyranus - Lower Photo by TK878 and Ken TR1125 of the Canadian Garrison - www.501st.ca 


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Stormtroopers marching in the Saturday Morning Dragon*Con Parade through the streets of downtown Atlanta.  The "Old Sarge" Oberon TD124 is second from the left, with the orange shoulder pauldron and large desert cannon rifle.  Photo by ???   At RIGHT, Two Special Operations Stormtroopers, TX-180 & TX-338 of the Mid-West Garrison, with their NX-134 Rotary Pulse Blasters, stand guard in the hotel lobby.



LEFT  -  The "Old Sarge" in battle-worn MEPD armor and white pauldron, leads the Sandtrooper platoon during the Dragon*Con Parade along Peachtree Street, Sept 4, 2004.  Photo by ???  **  RIGHT  -  501st Legion Troopers on Parade!   dcon04-004  250h   


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Good - Evil - Bad  > Batman - Cylon - Bobba Fett  *   Star Wars "Darth Vader" meets Space Balls "Dark Helmet"


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   Starbuck and his buddy "CY" at DC-2003                       Game Sales Booth Warrior


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Prince Xizor  BH-1876  -  An excellent and well researched fan-made outfit from the Star Wars Expanded Universe.  At Right - Two Stormtroopers and a Clone Trooper take a female rebel into custody.


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Armored warriors from the future? - Captured through the Dragon*Con time warp from distant worlds? 

***  See yourself here? - Or  want credit for a photo you took?  Contact TD-124 at  geometz@comcast.net  to have your name and/or photo details posted.   ***  



"Durge"  BH-1876  posing before the D*Con-06 Parade and a menacing armored Star Ship Trooper soldier in the Hyatt Regency Lobby   dcon06-007,008,003   400h



Even the Batmobile showed-up in Atlanta for the Dragon*Con Parade.   dcon06-001,002  250h 


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Wolf character and Dr Who with a Dalek at DC-2001  *  Marriott Marquis' 47-story Lobby-Atrium



                                         The Muppets pose at Dragon*Con 2004  



AARRR!!! - Four of the "300 Spartans" responding to a comment about their "Diapers and Nice Legs" during Dragon*Con-2007   



The "Chronicles of Riddick" lives-on at D*Con-07 with "screen-used" Necromonger armor outfits. 



On Saturday, Sept-1st, at 11 AM, the Registration Line for Dragon*Con-2007 stretched from the entrance, on the right, 3/4 of the way around the Hyatt Hotel block.  After reaching the entrance there was still another 200+ feet of "cattle-shoot" to be negotiated inside the registration room.  At this point, it was taking 2+ hours to reach the registration booths.  By Monday morning more than 35,000 had registered to attend  D*Con-07, probably an all-time record attendance. 



Views of the typical crowds that congregated in the Marriott Marquis' Entrance Lobby during the day and evening at D*Con-07.  At times, the fire marshal and police were restricting admission to the hotels due to the large crowds and congestion in the hotel's lobbies.  The "automatic activating" lobby doors at the Marriott Marquis Hotel stood open, without closing, for over 12 hours!, due to the constant flow of attendees moving in and out of the Hotel during the day and evening on Saturday and Sunday, as seen in the left-view above.


See yourself or photo here?  Contact TD124 at  geometz@comcast.net  to have your name and details posted.


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