As of  September  2007

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       An array of R4 and R2 droids at Celebration-III, Indianapolis, IN - April 21-24, 2005.  At left is R4N4 and R2R9 and at right are two R2D2's.  



TD124's  GNK "Gonk" Power Droid  -  and at Right, R2 droid frame, R2E2 and  C3P0 in net backpack.



TD124's "Gonk" with his MEPD helmet and gloves, and "Gonk" Power Droids as seen at Celebration-III. 



LEFT - C3P0 (times two), R2D2 and a companion "R2" unit at Dragon*Con-2007  **  RIGHT - An Astromech "R2" and Cylon C1-124 pose side by side during D*Con-07   droids-010,011  400h



                         Exposed C3P0, a R2D2, and  B'omarr Brain Walker at Celebration-III. 



Oberon's Gonk Droid Buddy was assembled using two "Sterlite" brand bins, with various bottle caps and phone jack cover plates, recessed 120v wall plugs, a set of triple rocker switches, cyclone fence post caps and 2x4 legs with wood feet, covered with 4 inch diameter drain pipe, each filled with 13 pounds of lead shot for stability. 


Photos Left to Right - Show the legs and wood feet.  A vertical spacer is used to hold the 4 inch drain pipe in proper orientation.  Thirteen pounds of lead shot, soaked with white glue, was placed in each leg to provide anti-tip-over stability. The 120v recessed wall plugs are seen mounted thru the sides of the lower portion of the droid body.  ***  The lower body section is shown with the 1x4 mounting cross brace secured inside the lower body and resting on the tips of two large nails driven thru the cross brace, which drop into holes drilled in the tops of the two legs.  A recessed wall plug is seen mounted into the front face of the lower body. ***  A down-on view shows the legs extending thru holes in the bottom of the lower body section.  A phone/internet jack wall face plate is shown mounted to the right side of the body section with a recessed wall plug on the left.  The upper body section is at the right.    


The upper and lower body sections are shown separated.  The front face is a small "Rubbermaid" brand pan recessed into the front of the upper body and secured in place with industrial Velcro.  A cyclone fence post cap and triple rocker switch are inserted into the pan with three bottle caps glued to the face (bottom) of the pan to emulate the droid's control panel.  The two body halves are held in position with sections of Velcro, allowing them to be opened for portability and to hold items inside out of sight at events.  The droid body is painted with green "Fusion" brand spray paint and weathered with splotches of other colors.   



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