BALLISTA                  A Roman torsion-powered cross-bow like catapult of various sizes,  primarily for casting stones, using torsioned skiens of gut or hemp to provide the throwing / casting  power.  The term CATAPULTA was applied to similar and smaller ballista type weapons  which were primarily for shooting arrows.  See also  Catapult  -  Weapons  

BALLISTARIUS        Soldier / Legionary assigned to a Ballista firing crew

BALNEUM                  Bath   /  Bath House

BALTEA                       The decorated dangly apron straps, about 10-inches in length,  which hung from the Balteus or "Military-Belt" worn by legionary soldiers.  The apron-straps numbered from five to eight depending on their width, and were attached to the back or body-side of the Balteus and hung over the top of the Balteus.  They were decorated with studs termed as "Bulla", which referred to a child's amulet.  

BALTEUS                    Also called a "Cingulum".   The belt or baldric from which the gladius or pugio is hung. These belts were frequently decorated to reflect the pride and affluence of the wearer.

BARRITUS                   A battle cry or cheer.

BC-AD / BCE-CE        System for numbering of years instituted,  circa 502 AD  by Christian Monk  Dionysius Exiguus,  "Dennis the Little";  based on his estimated year of when   Christ was born;  to standardize the chaotic methods for the numbering of years then in use.  "Year-Zero" was not utilized,  as the concept of a number value of  "zero" did not exist in the roman-numeral system in use at that time. 

BELLATOR                  Warrior / Fighter / Soldier

BELLUM                       War   

BENEFICIARIUS       Soldiers, favored by their commanders, who were exempt from menial duties and served as orderlies, aides or senior officers.

BENEFICIUM             A military promotion or honor.

BENE                            Well / Good

BIRARCHUS                A   NCO (non-commissioned officer)  of the late Roman period.

BIREME                       Galley with two rows or tiers of oars

BRACAE                      Soldier’s trousers or britches for cold weather.   The length ranged from just above the knee down to the ankle.

BUCCELLATUM        A corn-meal hard baked food ration similar to hard tack

BUCINATOR               A trumpeter    See also  CORNUCEN

BULLA                          The decorative studs applied to the apron straps of a legionaries' Balteus or Cingulum military belt.  "Bulla" alludes to a child's amulet. 

BURGARIUS               Soldier assigned to a Burgus

BURGUS                      A Tower  /  Small Fortification

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