DECANUS         Leader of a "Contubernium" or 6 to 10 soldier squad within a 80+ man "Century" military unit - was an appointed position, but not a recognized rank. 

DECEMBER     Sacred to the god "Vesta", the tenth "Decimus" month of the 304 day, 10 month long "Romulus" Calendar.  It became the twelfth month of the 12 month "revised"  Roman Republican Calendar in 200 BC / 552 AUC, Ab Urba Condita, "from the Founding of the City" (Rome), when February was moved between January and March / Martius  and the Roman New Year was moved from March 1st (Kalends Martius) to January 1st (Kalends Januarius / Ianuarius).  Consult  "Roman Calendar" on our  DateYearTime  Page for a more complete explanation.   

DECURIO         A cavalry officer

DECURION      Leader of a ten man cavalry or naval unit - Was not a recognized rank.  Also, a Councilman of a Municipality.

DENARIUS       Silver coin equal to four brass "sestertii" coins or 16 copper "assis" "penny" coins.   

DEXTRO / DEXTRA   Referring to the Right / Right Hand / To the Right Side

DIMITTO         Dismissed  (lit. I Dismiss)

DIPLOMA         A discharge certificate  -  Certificate of Roman Citizenship

DIREPTIO         A sack or bag

DISCENS           Trainee  /  Cadet

DOCTORE         Instructor - Trainer  As in a Ludus Gladiatorium (gladiator school)

DOLABRA         An entrenching tool or pickaxe.

DRACO              A Legion / Cohort standard surmounted by a dragon's head and with a windsock like attachment, carried by calvary units, which came into use during the 2nd Century AD.   See Draco-Signum

DRACONARIUS           Legionary who carries the "Draco" Standard

DUPLICARIUS             Officers or soldiers who received "Double-Pay" (Centurion, Optio, Signifer, etc)

DUPONDIUS                 Brass coin equal to 2 "double-penny" copper "assis" coins.

DUX                                 Another term for a commander

DYRRHACHIUM          City in northern Greece where some Senators fled when Julius Caesar occupied Rome in 49BC;  and where Caesar confronted the opposing forces assembled under the command of Pompey the Great.    See the  ROME  HISTORY  Page for more details. 

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