EMANSOR                A Deserter

EMERITUS                    A veteren  /  Experienced  soldier  /  One who has served a mandatory time.   See Evocati

EQUES                            A Calvaryman

EQUES ROMANUS      Member of the Equestrian Class 

EQUESTRIAN             The middle class of "landed gentry" beneath the Senatorial Class in seniority.     In the early Empire,  Equestrians were eligible for the post of "Praefectus" or commander of auxiliary units.   After Diocletian separated the military commands from civil career positions and banned Senators from having military postings,  Equestrians were made eligible for all positions of military command.  



ERICIUS                       Spiked Barrier  (lit. Hedgehog)

EVOCATI / EVOCATUS       Veteran soldiers "emeritus" who reenlisted after their discharge/missio, usually serving with their old commanders or units, sometimes by invitation.  They were frequently paid in booty and preferred overseas duty.      

EXACTOR                     Tax Collector

EXACTUS                     An Accountant, Clerk

EXCUBIA                      A guard post / station

EXCULCATOR           A skirmisher

EXERCITATIO           A military exercise / training mission

EXERCITUS                 An Army or large military unit

EXOSTRA                     A hanging bridge used to besiege a city wall

EXSPECTA                  Wait for It  (lit. Await) 

EXPEDITITIO             A military campaign

EXPLORATOR           A Scout or Spy providing for external security   see also  "SPECULARIUS"

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