GAESUM                     Large Celtic javelin

GALERUS                    A large iron or bronze neck and shoulder guard, generally worn by a Retiarius styled gladiator on his left shoulder.  See  Types of Gladiators  on our Gladiatorial Academy Page for a photo of a Retiarius.   

GALEA / GALEAE     A helmet / helmets made of leather.

GEMINA                     Twin   -  A nomen (name) adopted by some Legions

GENIUS                       Guardian Spirit

GENTILIS                   A foreigner or barbarian

GLADIATOR             A combatant in the Arena who fights with a Gladius style sword.  Consult  Gladiators in the Arena  for many photos and a dialog on gladiatorial combat and arena games.  

GLADIUS                   General term for a sword,  but generally refers to the classic Roman Army short sword.  The term Gladiator comes from their use of the Gladius

GLADIUS HISPANIENSIS  or "Spanish Sword".   An early version of the short stabbing weapon with a blade 20 to 22 inches long, adopted from the Gauls circa 350 BC.  Along with its later versions, "Mainz" and "Pompeii", it became the sword that conquered the Ancient World.  Its long tapering point was especially well suited for ripping open the ring maile armor used by the Celts and Gauls.  The Romans adopted this style of weapon, along with ring maile body armor, after their encounters with the Gauls in France and Spain. 

GLANS                          An acorn.  A ball of lead or stone used in a slingshot

GRADUS MILITARIS    A standard and measured marching pace or cadence.

GRAFFITO - GRAFFITI   Picture scratched in stone

GRATIAS             Thanks

GREETINGS       Salutem  - Salutem Plurimam Dicit - Many or Most Greetings

GREGALIS                   A "private",  a common soldier

GROMA                        Surveying instrument

GUBERNATOR           A ship's helmsman

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