HAMATA                      Chain Mail Armor "Lorica" widely adopted by the Roman Army circa 390BC after their encounters with the Celtic Gauls.   Consult   "Lorica Hamata" on the  Equipment   Page for more details.

HARPAGO                    Harpoon

HARUSPICES               Priests who devined by reading the entrails of sacrificial victims

HASTA                          Spear / Javelin

HASTATI                      "Spear Men"  The younger heavy infantry front-line "spear-men" troops not as experienced or well trained as the Principes soldiers, normally in the rank behind the "Hastati".  

HASTATUS                   Spear or Javelin thrower, normally in the first rank of soldiers

HELMETS                    See   CASSIS (metal)    GALEA (leather)    CRISTA (helmet crests)

HEMISTRIGIUM       A barracks building to house a "Centuria"/ Century of men.

HIBERNA                     A winter encampment for troops.   See also "AESTIVA".

HIPPA GYMNASIA    Calvary display or games, sometimes using DRACO standards  See Signum-Draco  

HONOS                        Honor

HONESTA MISSIO    A honorable discharge form military service.

HORREUM                  Granary

HOSTIS                        An Enemy

HYPOCAUSIS               Furnace for supplying hot air to under floor central heating

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