KALENDS       Dedicated to "Juno", the first day of  Roman Calendar  months, ending the "Kalends" or third and longest period (from Full to New Moon) of the three periods composing the "Lunar" based Roman months.  It relates to the time of the New Moon and is the origin for our modern term "Calendar".  Consult  "Early Roman Calendar" on our DateYearTime Page for more details and explanations. 

KIT / APPARATUS     A soldier’s clothing, weapons, gear and equipment.   Consult the "Equipment" Page for more details and descriptions. 

KIT (Basic)                  Tunica, Caligae, basic waist tie for tunica, Fibulae, personal items.

KIT (Standard)            Basic Kit plus Helmet, Lorica Segmentata or Hamata, Gladius, Gladius Baldric,  Pilum, Cingulum, Subarmalis, Focale, Satchel, Paenula or Sagam.

KIT (Full)                      Standard Kit plus Pugio, Helmet Crest, Bracia, Galea, Patera, Carry Pole, Sudus

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