NAVIS                        A ship or galley

NAVIS LONGA       A "longship" or warship

NAVIS PRAETORIA    Flag Ship,  lead ship

NAUTA                      A sailor

NAUARCHUS          Ship's Captain,   naval officer

NEWSTEAD             A later style of lorica segmentata body armor assembled with external hooks and eyes and internal leather straps.  The name comes from the Newstead region of Scotland where partial remains of this armor were found.   Illustration

NOMEN    See  Nomen-Gentilicum  and consult the   Roman Names  Page for more details.  

NOMEN-GENTILICUM    The family name of a "gens" or clan which most  always ended in "-ius".   It was the second of the three names normally adopted by a Roman Citizen.   The feminine form ended with "-a" or "-illa" instead of the masculine "-us"... Claudia / Claudius  -   Flavia / Flavius.   The feminine form was also used when referring to the "gens" as a whole or group...  gens Claudia   -  gens Flavia;   and the plurals would be  Claudii  -   Flavii. 

NONES       The seventh day (March, May July, October) and fifth day (other months) of  Roman Calendar, which ended the "Nones" or first period (from New to First Quarter Moon) of the three periods composing "Lunar" based Roman months.  It referred to the day when the Moon attained its First Quarter Phase. 

NOTARIUS    A secretary or scribe

NOVEMBER     Sacred to the god "Diana", the ninth "Nonus" month of the 304 day, 10 month long "Romulus" Calendar,   It became the eleventh month of the 12 month "revised" Roman Republican Calendar in 200 BC / 552 AUC, Ab Urba Condita, "from the Founding of the City" (Rome), when February was moved between January and March / Martius  and the Roman New Year was moved from March 1st (Kalends Martius) to January 1st (Kalends Januarius / Ianuarius).  Consult  "Roman Calendar" on our  DateYearTime  Page for a more complete explanation.    

NUMERUS    A infantry unit drawn from the remote parts of the Empire.   They usually used their native weapons. 

NUNC                 Now! 

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