OBSIDIO                    A seige

OCCIDEMTUM        West (direction)

OCCIDENTALIS       Western (location)

OCREAE / TIBIALE    Greave,   lower leg protection armor

OCTOBER     Sacred to god of war "Mars", the eighth "Octavus" month of the 304 day, 10 month long "Romulus" Calendar,   It became the tenth month of the 12 month "revised" Roman Republican Calendar in 200 BC / 552 AUC, Ab Urba Condita, "from the Founding of the City" (Rome), when February was moved between January and March / Martius  and the Roman New Year was moved from March 1st (Kalends Martius) to January 1st (Kalends Januarius / Ianuarius).  Consult  "Roman Calendar" on our  DateYearTime  Page for a more details and explanation.   

OFFICIUM                The staff of a governor

ONAGER                  "Wildass" in Latin.   The name for the classic one arm siege catapult used by the Romans.    Its name came from the wild motions or "kick" and jump of the weapon after it was discharged.   Also took its name from a pig    kicking rocks behind itself when being chased.   The Onager was much simpler and easier to construct than the more complicated Ballista,  although it was not always as accurate.

OPERARIUS            A Laborer / Unskilled Worker

OPIFEX                     A Skilled Laborer or Worker

OPPIDUM                A fortified Celtic stronghold or town, usually on a hilltop

OPPUGNATIO         An assault

OPTIME                     Very Well  /  Best

OPTIO                       Second in command of the Century or unit.

OPTIO AD SPEM ORDINIS  An Optio accepted for promotion and waiting for a Centurion vacancy

OPTIO VALETUDINARII   Officer in charge of a legionary hospital

ORDO                        A battle line,  An early military unit division of a Legion

ORDO EQUESTER    The Esquestrian Order to which most wealthy Roman citizens belonged;  and from which members of the cavalry units and many senior officers and senators were drawn.  

ORICHALCUM        Roman Brass

ORIENTALIS            East   or  Eastern

ORIGO                       Origin

OTIOSE                     Stand Easy  (lit. in a leisurely manner)

OVATIO                    A triumphal entry reception given a victorius commander

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