QUAESTOR     One of 20 (by late republic) elected junior magistrates primarily concerned with financial matters.  A term for a Quartermaster.

QUAESTIONARIUS     Torturer or Interrogator

QUINCTILIS or QVINCTILIS     Sacred to the god "Jupiter" or "Iupiter", the fifth "Quintus" month of the 304 day, 10 month long "Romulus" Calendar,   It became the seventh month of the 12 month "revised" Roman Republican Calendar in 200 BC / 552 AUC, Ab Urba Condita, "from the Founding of the City" (Rome), when February was moved between January and March / Martius  and the Roman New Year was moved from March 1st (Kalends Martius) to January 1st (Kalends Januarius / Ianuarius).  Consult  "Roman Calendar" on our  DateYearTime  Page for a more complete explanation.    


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