VAGINA         Sheath / Scabbard


VALLARIS        Latin for rampart.   The secondary of two latin names for a palisades stake,  used as a perimeter defense of an encampment.   More properly termed a SUDES,  it was a  wooden stake 4 to 5 feet long,   tapered to points at both ends with a cut out center hand grip.    Also used to create a palisade or picket defense in front of a position prior to an enemy’s expected charge or attack.   These stakes have also been incorrectly termed as  "Pila Muralis" or  "Wall Spear".

VALLUM / VALLUS     A Rampart,  Pallisade,  Stockade - A palisade of stakes on top of a rampart or stockade.  

VELITES   "Cloak Wearers"  Legionaries or skirmishers with little or no armor who operated in advance of the three main battle lines of the formation.  

VENATORES                  Hunters

VEREDARIUS               A Courier

VERETUM / VERICULUM    A small javelin

VERUTUM / PILUM     A heavy javelin or throwing spear

VETERANUS                  A Veteran,  a discharged soldier or one who has re-enlisted

VEXILLARIUS / VEXILLIFER         The standard bearer  who carries the Vexillum.

VEXILLATIO                  A detached unit selected for a special duty or purpose,  a standby unit

VEXILLATION               A detachment of legionary or auxiliary troops operating away from their home commands.   During the later Empire,  an infantry regiment. 

VEXILLIA                       A detached unit.   See "VEXILLATION".

VEXILLUM                    The Banner or flag of the Legion carried on pole from a crossbar.

VIA                                  A road or travelway

VIA PRAETORIA          Primary road running from front to rear of a camp (castra) or fort (castellum)

VIA PRINCIPALIS        Primary road running from side to side in a camp (castra) or fort (castellum)

VIA QUINTANA             Secondary road running parallel to the Via Principalis

VICESIMA QUARTA    The number 24 in Latin and the name of the Legion XXIV Newsletter.

VICTORIA                     A Victory

VICTRIX                        Victorious.    A Nomen (name) adopted by some Legions  (Legio VI Victrix)

VICUS                              A settlement that arose outside an auxiliary outpost.   See also "CANABAE".

VIGILIA                         Watch duty as on a "guard watch"

VIGILIS                          Watchman,   one assigned to a "Watch"

VINO / VINUM             Wine

VIRES                             Strength  

VIRES et HONOS         Strength and Honor 

VITIS                              Vine Stick,  the symbol of authority carried by a "Centurio" (Centurion)

VOLONES / VOLONUM     Freed Slaves who volunteered for military service.

VOLUNTARIUS            A Volunteer

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