June  2003

     lrgcarloadside.jpg (78898 bytes)

The Commander's Jeep Grand Cherokee loaded and ready to go on campaign to Roman Days 2003.  How many items of equipment can you identify?   Top to Bottom are:

Wool blankets, the top end of a Fasces, behind which is a lorica and helmet stand.  Two "Sudus" palisades stakes are below the fasces, with the Legion's Signum Standard.  Below the Signum are two "heavy" pila and four "light" pila, along with two poles to support the Legion's Aquila Standard and Vexillum Banner.  Ten more Sudus stakes (one showing below the pila) are packed behind the Signum and under the Fasces.  One of four lorica segmentatas is resting on the front seat.  In front of the seat is the Commander's overnight bag, below which is his Italic G helmet and a box holding lorica hamata mail and a Ribchester Calvery Parade Helmet.

Other items not visible are:  A box containing a lorica segmentata, three singulum and other belts, three pairs of caligae, arm manicae, a canteen, food plates, bowls and cups, along with many other small miscellanious items.  Hefting this 65 pound box around helps keep the Commander in shape.  Two other segmentatas, seven scutum shields, four gladius swords, a second armor stand, two gladiator helmets, a field stool, more blankets and a box holding five helmets share space with other containers holding helmet crests, a signifer's wolf pelt and the Legion's  Aquila Eagle.  A small demonstration trebuchet is sometimes carried as well.     

               lrgcarloadrear.jpg (53816 bytes)

A rear view shows the seven scuta at left, a subarmilis at upper right, blankets, the padded top of a helmet /armor stand next to the scuta and other boxes, swords and gear, along with such essentials as a can of WD40, Scotchbright pads, Ziplock bags and towels.  Hey, if the Romans had had WD40, Scotchbright pads and Ziplock bags they would have used them! 


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