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A "muster" of legionaries from the Imperial Twentieth Legion and  Legion XXIV MA,  at Fort Washington Historical Park,  southeast of Washington DC.   Left to right are:  Flavius Crispus Candidianus,   Leg XXIV in "Newstead" style lorica armor and pilum  -  Gnaeus Cornelius Tutor,  Leg XX with pilum   -  Quintus Darius Macro,   Cmndr Leg XX, with his Optio Staff  -  Lucius Equitius Cincinnatus,   Leg XX in chainemaile lorica with his scutum slung over his left shoulder  -  Gallio Velius Marsallas,  Cmndr Leg XXIV with "Maintz" pattern gladius and helmet crest   -  Gnaeus Laetonius Messala,  Leg XX  -  A new auxillary of Leg XXIV,  as yet un-named with oval scutum,   chainemaile and cape;  typical of the equipment issued to auxillary soldiers.

The archway of Fort Washington is reminicent of the major Roman forts built throughout Europe.


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