During his many duty campaigns and years of service, Oberon has worn more than just a few different hats!

Top Row - Left to Right:  ARC Clone Trooper with movable antenna  -  Episode II Clone Trooper with gloves  -  Clone Commander Bacara  -  Mos Eisely Police Dept (MEPD) TD Dirty Sandtrooper with gloves  -  TD Dirty Sandtrooper

Bottom Row - Left to Right:  Episode I Clone Trooper  -  TK Stormtrooper with gloves  -  StarGate SG-1 Jaffa Serpent Head Guard with collar, wrist gauntlet and leg greave / shin guard   -  Battlestar Galactica "C1" Cylon with collar and roaming eye 

Oblique and Rear views of the helmet array are below.


Front Oblique View


Rear Oblique View


Rear View of the Helmet Array


To see more of Oberon with these helmets go to:

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