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Legion XXIV in cooperation with other Roman Legion Reenactor Units, has participated in several professionally produced filming and video taping sessions for such entities as The History Channel, internal corporate film departments, advertising agencies and other production companies.  

"Standby!  -  Sound!  -  Camera!  -  and Action!!  -  Cut!  -  That was Great; but we are doing it again  -  Back to One!"  is heard as we trudge back to our starting positions for yet another "Take".  And we wonder that if it was so great? - Why are we doing it Over!  We are taking part in that interaction that has been going on between a director and his cast since the first movie camera started rolling more than a hundred year ago.  Doing "Pictures" is always quite an experience and Legion XXIV and its Allies stand ready to help with future motion picture endeavors.  We will be sure have our armor polished, hair set, nails manicured and be broadly smiling for our close-ups!  Please consult our Participation Policy and Fee Schedule below. 

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On October 16 - 17, 2004, Gary Barbosa of Champion One Productions conducted a filming session for his "Charioteer - The Trailer" project at the Parthenon replica in Nashville, TN.  Legion XXIV along with Legions I, III, IX, X, XIV, XXX, the Ludus Magnus Gladiators and other units, put 75 legionary soldiers, centurions, prefects, gladiators, citizens and senators "on the set" for the "shoot".  Here one of the directors gives instruction while the camera and sound crews prepare for the next "take"; and  at right, several legionaries prepare for their "close-ups".  


The Ludus Magnus Gladiatorial Troupe at Nashville.  Contact them at  gladius1@optonline.net 


On October 2nd and 3rd, with but two weeks notice, ten legionaries  from Legions XXIV, III , XXX and five SCA barbarians, turned-out for a casting call and shoot for a History Channel program on the Engineering of Rome to be telecast in 2005.  In what was probably the toughest Roman Campaign many of us had experienced, the stalwart legionaries soldiered through two 10 hour days of shooting, traveling to 5 locations in 3 state parks along the Hudson River between Hyde Park and Rhinebeck, NY.  The topic of the "shoot" by KPI Productions of New York City, centered on the construction of Julius Caesar's famous bridge across the Rhine River in 56 BC.  We felt like we were with Caesar on his campaign after hiking a 1/2 mile in and out of a couple of the shooting locations.   The photos show the Roman forces, and on the right, the assembled cast of Romans, Barbarians and KPI crew.       


In March 2001,  Legion XXIV was in "Pictures" for a professional advertising movie/video session.  We were assisted by Members of Legion XX and were confronted by "barbarians" from the Barony of Settmour Swamp.   Our Legionaries, along with 25 movie extras, earned their "stripes" performing in 35 degree clear and windy weather, experiencing what the Legions of Rome encountered while defending the Frontiers of the Empire in Britain and Northern Europe.  


Legionary Down !!  -  From Combat?  -  Exhaustion?  -  Probably from Boredom  waiting for the next "Take"!  



While taking part in Movie, TV and other filming and taping sessions is gratifying and exciting, it is also Work! - and frequently, Exhausting Work!  Each of our members will bring to the shooting location experience and knowledge in reenacting the ancient Roman military period, which is not likely to be obtained with "extras" from Central Casting.  In addition, each reenactor will have attire and equipment valued at $1000 or more and could be worth as much as $2000.   This level of equipment value and historical accuracy will not be available from your costume provider, and if it was, would fetch rental charges far in excess of our participation fees.   

In recognition of the above, the following Policy and Fees will apply for Legion XXIV's participation in Filming and Taping Sessions:

First Day on the Set, regardless of length of time engaged  -  $200.00 per man.

Subsequent contiguous days of shooting  -  $12.00 per hour, per man, from his time of cast call to time of his release. 

Fifty ($50.00) dollars rental and usage fee for each producer supplied "extra" that is attired or outfitted, in full or in part, with armor, helmet, weapons or other equipment supplied by Legion XXIV. 

Overnight lodging to be provided by the producer between contiguous days of shooting.

Overnight lodging is also requested for either of the following situations:

        Early Cast Call prior to 9AM and the reenactor has 3 hours or more of travel time  from his home to the shooting location. 

        Late Cast Release after 7PM and the reenactor has 4 hours or more of travel time  from the shooting location to his home. 

We would reserve the right to refuse activity that could result in injury to a reenactor or damage to his equipment beyond normal wear and tear.  

An agreement of participation and fees to be received, in writing, between the Producer and Legion XXIV MA, signed by both parties is requested.  We reserve the right to refuse participation and signing of any releases, in the absence of such signed agreement.  


Fee is for transport to the filming location and its potential use, regardless of whether  the equipment is utilized during the filming session or not. 

One Hundred ($100.00) dollars rental fee for transport and use of ancillary equipment and camp gear.

One hundred ($100.00) for transport, set-up and use of Catapulta-Ballista, per day, as shown below, which can shoot an  arrow-bolt  upwards of 300 feet.    

One hundred ($100.00) for transport, set-up and use of large officer type tent, if available. 


                       Legion XXIV Encampment at Roman Days, June 2004

             signumnewfull.jpg (14074 bytes)            

       Aquila (Eagle)   Signum    Vexillum Banner            Taurus Icon               

    balxxivfired.jpg (39052 bytes)  

              Catapulta Ballista in action - shoots 200+ feet   

          equipsudusarray.jpg (34817 bytes)

                         Camp perimeter stakes, arm bracelets, cooking and food utensils   





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