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Augustus Natalis and Commander Marsallas of  Legion XXIV MA   join with two legionaries,  formerly with Legion XIIII Gemina Martia Victrix,  stationed in Germany.  This consortium came about to display the presence and glory of Ancient Rome during the October 1998 Columbus Day Parade in  Piermont, New York.  Marsallas, 2nd from left, is wearing "Newstead" style armor,  while the others are attired in the more comfortable and popular "Corbridge" type armor.  The scutums of Legion XIIII with curved sides and cut-off top and bottom,  illustrate the style of shields in use during the end of the   First Century BC  Late Republic Period.  The scutums of Legion XXIV, copied from those used by Legion XX in Maryland; demonstrate the later squared style, which came into use in the  1st Century AD Period  of the  Early Empire.

Consult the  EQUIPMENT   page of the Legion XXIV Website for more details.  



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