CIRCA   LATE  FIRST  CENTURY  AD

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This impressive helmet is a reproduction by Deepeeka of India of the "Ribchester" Calvary Sports Parade Helmet on display in the British Museum in London, England.  The original was found in the 1700's near the Calvary Fort at Ribchester, England and has been dated to the Late First Century or Early Second Century AD.  It was designated as "Calvary Sports B" by H. Russell Robinson, author of the book "Armor of Imperial Rome".  These helmets were not used in battle or combat situations, as they had a poor range of sight and hearing while being worn.   They were strictly for use in calvary sports events, parades and for show.   The front mask portion is secured to the helmet skull by a tab engaging the front of the brow and by a leather strap from studs below the ears passing around the lower back of the helmet above the neck guard. 


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A collage of rear views showing the variety of embossed designs depicting gladiators in various fighting poses, both on foot and mounted on horses.


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