Front to Rear - The many Faces of Lord Marshal "Oberon"

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LEFT  -  A Necromonger soldier "standing ready" with his skive weapon.  **  RIGHT  -  A gathering of Necromongers in the Hyatt Regency Lobby during Dragon*Con 2007.  Note the "Lensor" and his helmet at the left.  Views of a "screen-used" "Lensor" outfit are shown further below after the Necromonger Soldier Section, and a Synopsis of the Riddick Chronicles follows the "Lensor" Section.   riddicknc-5,6  325h



Front, Side and Rear views of Lord Marshal Necromonger "Oberon" wearing his "screen-used" armor outfit with a rare replica Lord Marshal "Triple-Face" mask-helm, as used in the 2004 Sci-Fi Adventure film "Chronicles of Riddick".  The multiple faces on the Lord Marshal's mask-helm represent his all-seeing astral eyes.  The spine motif on the back of all Necromonger armor relates to the notion of "Purification" though the spine.   riddicklm-10,11,12  Sept-2007  600h 



ABOVE  -  Lord Marshal "Oberon" LM-124 glowers from within his multi-faced mask-helm.  Note the reticulated reptile-like appearance of the under-garment or subarmilis (latin = under-armor), which was termed "Mockodile" by the Necromongers and the movie's costumers.  **  BELOW  -  The helm of the Lord Marshal Necromonger in the movie "The Chronicles of Riddick" had three faces  -  on the front and the sides  -  with the back side of the helm being mostly open.  Here, "Oberon" LM-124 demonstrates how the Lord Marshal would have appeared from the rear if his helm had been made with a face looking backward.  This helm is one of about six copies of a pre-production prototype "LM" helm, which was modified to make it appear more like the "screen-used" Lord Marshal helm.   riddicklm-16,17,7,8,9  350h  





Views of Necromonger Commander "Oberon" NC-124.  This "screen-used" armor set with helm, gauntlet-gloves, leg-armor, boots and subarmilis (under-armor garment), was obtained from the Prop Store of London and was worn by actor Roger R. Cross, who played Necromonger Commander "Toal" in the movie "The Chronicles of Riddick".   riddicknc-10,11,12  Sept-2007  600h 



ABOVE - The Lord Marshal is shown with his multi-faced helm and shoulder pauldrons bearing the likenesses of the Necromonger "Lords" who have preceded him.  The multi-faced helm denotes his "All-Seeing and All Knowing" abilities.  **  BELOW - Is that Necromonger Commander "Oberon - NC-124" standing in the center of the front row?  -  Could Be - It Just Could Be.   temp/riddicklord-10 / riddick-24  666w  









473. Costume worn by Colm Feore as "Lord Marshal" in The Chronicles of Riddick. (Universal, 2004) The Lord Marshal can be seen wearing this superb costume at various points throughout the movie. It consists of a fabulous four faced helmet made from fiberglass painted a brown/bronze color with the faces silver colored and the inside padded for comfort. Underneath the helmet is a chain mail hood made from titanium. The highly detailed shoulder armor is also made from fiberglass and sports the four faces on both sides. Both the breast and back plates are made from hard rubber and have hand cut leather inserts and metal edging detail. The leg and arm armor and codpiece are also made from hard rubber. Underneath the armor is a black leather body suit. The beautifully made gauntlets are fully articulated with hand beaten metal work and hinged thumb detail. The greaves are also made from hand beaten metal with leather boots underneath. To complete the costume there is an impressive nine-foot long, rubberized, black cloak. The film boasts wonderfully unique fantasy art designs and this Lord Marshal costume is surely the highlight. $15,000 - $18,000  ** Sold for $15,000  at Auction by Profiles in History  December 11, 2008   1 internet bidder   temp/riddicklord-03  Dec-2008   500h x 630w



ABOVE - LEFT  -  Colm Feore "Lord Marshal" costume.  **  ABOVE - RIGHT  -  Replica "Lord Marshal" helm, Sept-2007.   temp/riddicklord01,temp/riddick05   400h 

BELOW - LEFT  -  Frontal View of Colm Feore "Lord Marshal" costume.  **  BELOW - RIGHT  -  Interior of Replica "Lord Marshal" helm.   temp/riddicklord02,temp/riddick06   400h 




LEFT - Rear view of outfit with helm facing front to rear.  **  RIGHT - Rear view of outfit with helm facing rear to rear.   temp/riddick-04,05   Dec-2008   400h 



Views of a replica Chronicles of Riddick "Lord Marshal" Necromonger multi-face helmet.  UPPER-LEFT - Front Face of helm  **  UPPER-RIGHT - Open Rear of helm  **  LOWER-LEFT - Left Face of helm  **  LOWER-RIGHT - Right face of helm   temp/riddick01,02,03,04   Sept-2007   400h 




Lord Marshal Plastic and Metal Stunt Cowl worn by the Lord Marshal stunt actor for action scenes in the "Chronicles of Riddick" movie,  $600.00 with shipping, Sept-2007, from the Prop Store of London, England   temp/riddick26,28,27,29   400h  






Chronicles of Riddick  "Toal" (Roger Cross) Necromonger Commander "screen-used" armor outfit, now owned by "Necromonger-Oberon" NC-124.  Note the so-called "Mockodile" reticulated reptile-like scale pattern on the arms and legs of the subarmilis under-garment.   temp/riddick10,11  Sept-2007  700h 






474. Hero "Lensor" costume from The Chronicles of Riddick. (Universal, 2004) A hero Lensor costume with functioning light-up remote control helmet, worn in the Vin Diesel sequel The Chronicles of Riddick. It is the most complete hero costume known to exist. Lensors are the "bloodhounds" of the Necromongers and had lost their faces, or parts thereof, in battle, but through the application of medical technology remained salvageable for service as "Bloodhounds" to search out the "non-Necromonger-converted", or those who have not yet been Purified and Converted into "Necromonger" subjects.  The Lensor's hero helmet comprises a hard fiberglass shell with a working light-up rotating magnifying glass and prosthetic headpiece (remote control unit supplied). The front and back breastplates are made from hard rubber and include a hero light up control device. The body suit is made from lycra with a black and brown fake snakeskin pattern on it. The costume is completed by a pair of rubberized boots and leather gloves. This "Ground Lensor" costume includes remote control, gloves, rubber bodysuit w/attached armor, chest & backplate armor, boots, working sensor control device, helmet with head showing. $12,000 - $15,000  **  Sold for $12,000 at Auction by Profiles in History  Dec-11, 2008  -  1 bidder   temp/riddicklens-01,03   Dec-2008   700h 


Front 3/4 View of  Necromonger "Lensor" Bloodhound Searcher Soldier   temp/riddicklens-02   Dec-2008   700h



                          temp/riddicklens-04,05   Dec-2008   400h x 600w and 480h x 560w 




Chronicles of Riddick  "Lensor" Helmet.  The purple-lighted lens rotates as the Necromonger "Lensor" equipped "Bloodhound" Servant focuses during his search for "non-converts".   temp/riddick14,15,16,18   Sept-2007   400h / 350h 






Commander Vaako (with multi-axe) and other Necromonger troops standing in the "Basilica" Great Hall, after the Lord Marshal has been slain by Riddick, in a scene from the 2004 Sci-Fi Movie "Chronicles of Riddick".   temp/riddick21  284h x 666w

PITCH BLACK:  1999 - A spacecraft carrying an assortment of passengers including Riddick (Vin Diesel), a dangerous, shackled murderer between prisons, is forced to make a crash landing on a barren, triple-sunned planet after the craft suffers severe damage during a meteor shower.  The ship is ripped into pieces, killing several crew members and leaving meek officer Fry (Radha Mitchell) in charge of the survivors.  After two unfortunate deaths, the survivors discover that the only visible life form on the planet is a species of light-fearing, carnivorous, occasionally cannibalistic aliens dwelling in caverns beneath the desert surface.  Using a model of the planet and its suns in an abandoned research station, Fry deduces that she and her fellow travelers have unfortunately descended on the planet on the day of its first total eclipse in 22 years, giving them mere hours before they are bathed in total darkness.  Only then is it safe for the hungry subterranean creatures to emerge, seeking to feed on the remaining survivors. However, the dangerous Riddick, by using black market injections received in lock-up, is able to see in darkness - causing the surviving crew members to reluctantly remain dependent on the potentially harmful criminal.  As the survivors are killed one by one by the hungry creatures, they realize that Riddick may be their only hope. 

THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK - DARK FURY:  This is an early 2004 animated sequel to the hit sci-fi action thriller PITCH BLACK that serves as a story bridge between PITCH BLACK and its sequel feature film CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK, released in Summer-2004.  Vin Diesel again stars as Riddick, an escaped convict with special abilities.  Here, Riddick, Jack, and Imam face off with a formidable bounty hunter! 


Commander Vaako being honored by the Lord Marshal in the Great Hall, of the "Basilica - Necropolis".  The faces on the Lord Marshal's shoulder armor represent the Lord Marshals who preceded him.   temp/riddick20   400h x 660w 

THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK:  This Summer-2004 sequel to the cult sci-fi hit PITCH BLACK, sees Vin Diesel enthusiastically returning to his role as Richard B. Riddick.  Director-writer David Twohy is on board again, building on themes established in the first movie, and expanding his vision with some incredible special effects work.  Twohy opens the movie with Riddick on the run from a group of bounty hunters on Planet-6 of the U.V. System.  He escapes them with ease, and then seeks information from an old friend named Inam (Keith David).  Inam informs Riddick that he has been singled out by an Air Elemental, Aereon (Judi Dench), as the one man who can stop the evil Necromongers from taking over the Universe.  Riddick travels to New Mecca on the Planet Helion-Prime, one of six planets in the Helion System.  Suddenly, the Necromongers arrive on the planet, causing mayhem and destruction.  They capture Riddick.  He soon escapes, only to fall into the hands of the bounty hunters he so deftly eluded at the start of the movie.  They take Riddick to Crematoria, a rogue prison planet in the Igneon System, where he is met by scorching heat, an underground penitentiary, and his female companion from PITCH BLACK, Jack (who is now called Kyra, and played by a different actress, Alexa Davalos).  They plan their escape from the planet, and return to Helion-Prime with a vow to bring down the Necromongers.  Things don't go according to plan however, leading to a climatic battle scene that took five weeks to shoot and a suspense-filled climax to the film.  An eyebrow-raising ending suggests Twohy may have plans for further installments in the story.
The entire film was shot at Mammoth Studios in Burnaby, BC, in a former Sears warehouse.  The studio is only slightly smaller than all the stages on the Universal Studios lot - 310,000 square feet.

CAST:  Vin Diesel (Riddick), Colm Feore (Lord Marshal), Karl Urban (Cmndr Vaako), Alexa Davalos (Kyra), Judi Dench (Aereon), Linus Roache (Purifier), Nick Chinlund (Toombs), Keith David (Inam), Mark Gibbon (Irgun), Radha Mitchell, Roger Cross (Toal), Alexander Kalugin (Slam Boss), Cole Hauser, Yorick Wageningen (the Guv).




The Necromongers no longer have a home-planet.  They subsist entirely on what they have managed to build on their ships, which can be up to 2000 feet long.  **  The "Underverse" was discovered by the first Lord Marshal, "Covu the Transcended".  **  The Necromongers believe that death is the next phase of life and use this as justification for their acts of destruction.  **  Necro troops make especially effective fighters because they find honor in death, and are unable to feel pain.  Irgun was one of the fiercest of the Necro's and served Commander Vaaco as his "first".  Irgun had a knife in his back as a trophy and as a constant reminder of pain.  **  Aerion is an "Elemental" and is only visible when the air is still around her.  **  The set for New Mecca on Helion-Prime had so many intricate alleys that the crew would often get lost.   



The final battle between Riddick and the astral Lord Marshal in the Great Hall of the Basilica.  Commander Vaako is at the right wielding a mighty multi-bladed pole-axe.   temp/riddick30  330h




The Lord Marshal Wants - And Needs You!

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to be sent to the Underverse for Purification and Conversion to a Necromonger.

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During his campaigns and tours of duty through Time and Space, Old Sarge "Oberon" visited Planet-6 of "UV" System on his way to Planet "Helion-Prime", one of 6 planets in the Helion System.  When the Necromongers took-over "Helion-Prime", Oberon   .  He elected not to go through the "Underverse"   Planet Crematoria of Igneon System

mockodile pattern of necro clothing