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SG-1 "Old Sarge - Jaffa Warrior" shown fully outfitted with an awesome "Serpent-Head" and Collar, along with a "Goa'uld Battle Staff" and "TER" hand weapon.  The Staff is about 7-feet tall, but does not look that long when seen with the "Serpent-Head" being worn.  Both the the Staff and TER were made from the original molds used in the "Star-Gate SG-1" TV Series and the detail on them is crisp and sharp.  No, Sorry  - The Staff does not open to fire, nor does the Serpent-Head "drop-open" to reveal the "Sarge's" face.   jaffa-001,002   800h   Dec-2011 



"Old Sarge" Oberon in his "Star Gate One"  Jaffa Guard outfit, without the Serpent Head helmet in place.  Note the heavy weave under-garment that has the appearance of ring-maile armor.  The front and back plates, the belt and leg greaves are castings of heavy, but flexible, vinyl material, while the collar and wrist gauntlets are of more rigid fiberglass.    jaffa010,011,012  July-2006  500h



The "Old Sarge" in his SG-1 Jaffa Serpent Guard outfit with the impressive Serpent Head in place.  Note the eyes glowing red.  The face plate of the helmet does not drop down, like some of the helmets did on the "Star Gate SG-1" TV series.  It is reported that the helmets used on the TV show that did open were quite a problem.  The face plate would open by dropping down into the front cavity of the collar and the rest of the helmet would pivot backwards a few inches.  The opening would generally go well, but the closing sequence and effort of getting the face plate to raise up and the helmet crown to pivot forward was a real hassle.  It is said that there were many "retakes" after a serpent guard "extra" would have difficulty getting his helmet to close smoothly or have it jam-up when closing it, thus ruining the "take".  Which is probably the reason why we do not see the serpent guard helmets opening and closing very often in the episodes of the TV series.  Link to the other Helmets of Oberon for more views of the Serpent-Head and the "Sarge's" collection of other head gear.  More detailed views of a "screen-used" Serpent Head Guard outfit are further below.    jaffa-020,021,022  July-2006  500h  




Dragon*Con 2006, Atlanta, GA  Sept 9, 2006   032,033  400h 

Dragon*Con 2007, Atlanta, GA  Sept 1, 2007 

Dragon*Con 2008, Atlanta, GA  Aug 30, 2008   

Dragon*Con 2009, Atlanta, GA  Sept 5, 2009

Dragon*Con 2011, Atlanta, GA  Sept 3, 2011 

Dragon*Con 2012, Atlanta, GA  Sept 2, 2012

Dragon*Con 2013, Atlanta, GA  Sept 1, 2013



Serpent Guard Oberon poses with a Jaffa Teddy Bear during a birthday party for Lord Apophos during Dragon*Con 2007.  Note Jaffa-Oberon's glowing eyes.   jaffa-026,027  375h 


Interior view of the serpent head helmet showing the head padding made from foam blocking and the cooling blowers and battery set-up.  The AAA battery pack and switch used to light-up the eyes are installed in the far-right corner.  The two Nidec "Gamma-26" 12-volt blowers are powered by "Oberon's" circuit design of three 9-volt batteries, where each fan gets 13.5-volts from the 27 (3 x 9 volt) "series" circuit.  See  the Old Sarge's Mod Page  for a diagram and more details on this circuit.  Two of the blower batteries are seen at the left and the other is on the right.  The on-off switch is mounted in the left corner to the left of two batteries.  The lighted eyes and foam block padding were installed by Jonathon Zeron, the serpent guard outfit's former owner.  Oberon added aluminum foil around the eye-lights to make them somewhat brighter.  More detailed views are below.       450 high 



LEFT - The left-hand blower and one of the three batteries used to power it.  Just to the left, is the AAA battery pack for the lighted eyes with the on-off switch above and to the left.   RIGHT - View showing the right-side blower, with two of its three 9-volt batteries and the on-off switch mounted in the right corner of the helmet.    300 high  




518. Complete screen-used Jaffa costume with working serpent helmet from Stargate SG-1. (MGM-TV, 1997-2007) Stunning multi-piece Jaffa costume with working serpent helmet. A rare and iconic costume from the successful Stargate SG1 television series. The head is constructed of hard rubber with integral helmet to secure it on the actor's head. A small hidden switch illuminates the eyes to make them glow red. Included are the wool blend 2-piece tunic and pants, rubber chest and shoulder armor collar, rubber breastplate, belt and ornate buckle, leatherette skirt, two pieces of leg armor and two wrist gauntlets. An incredible display piece. $10,000 - $12,000  Sold for $20,000 at Auction by Profiles in History  Dec-11, 2008  -  8 bidders   temp/jaffa-01,02   Dec-2008   600h




"TER"  =  Transphase  Eradication  Rod 





Purchased in November-2013 for  $1600.00  from  Brian Capri - "ReallyKoolProps" - Ontario, Canada.  Completed assembly in June-2014, after trouble with fitting of parts and other misc. problems. Builder, Brian Capri provided advise and assistance by e-mail.  Lighted Blue-Eyes not shown. 


"Anubis"  Front View     anubis-001   June-2014   800h



"Anubis" Helm and Collar being worn over "Man-at-Arms" Harness     anubis-002   June-2014   800h



Right-Side, Front Quarter-View of  "Anubis" Helm and Collar being worn over "Man-at-Arms" Harness     anubis-003   June-2014   800h



Left Side View of "Anubis" Helm and Collar being worn over "Man-at-Arms" Harness     anubis-004   June-2014   800h



Rear View of  "Anubis" Helm and Collar being worn over "Man-at-Arms" Harness     anubis-005   June-2014   800h




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