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   Four of Lord Vader's Finest gather with Santa and his helpers during a Children's Christmas Party sponsored by the local Ronald Mc Donalds House in Voorhees, New Jersey on  December 8, 2000.  Troopers from the Empire City Garrison,  left to right are:  TD124 George Metz,  who has Santa under guard with his desert cannon;  RG264 Lance Starmer,  in red Royal Guard armor at the rear;  TK444 Keith Arbeeny and TK076 Jeff Romanoff.  In the true spirit of Christmas,  $1000 worth of Star Wars carded Action Figures,  supplied by   Everett Davis of,  were dispensed by the troopers to the 150 children in attendance.   


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RG264 converses with potential recruits as TD124 maintains order with his desert cannon "at the ready" during the Ronald Mc Donalds House Christmas Party,  December 16, 2000.


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    George  Metz   TD-124                            Jeff  Romanoff   TK-076

The Troopers from the Empire City Garrison of the 501st "Vader's Fist" Stormtrooper Legion,  who volunteered their time at the Ron McDonalds House event on 12-09-00.  Thanks Guys. 

           Keith  Arbeeny   TK-444                                 Lance  Starmer   RG-264

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