THE   ROMANS  ARE  COMING!

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THIS ROAD LEADS TO ROME!  Commander Marsallas accompanied the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology staff during the Columbus Day Parade along South Broad Street in Philadelphia on Sunday, October 13, 2002.  The "Up to Date" U.P.M. Chariot carried banners proclaiming the future re-opening of the Museum's  "Worlds Intertwined - Etruscan, Greek and Roman" Classical Galleries  in March 2003  after a multi-million dollar refurbishment project.  Legion XXIV, along with Legion XX of College Park, MD, had a major role providing the proper "Roman" atmosphere during several dinner and exhibition events.    Photo by Cleo Malin, UPM Staff


RETURN  TO  ROME  -  MARCH  15, 16, 19   2003

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Legion XXIV soldiers, civilians and Ludus Magnus Gladiators assemble in the UPM Courtyard, on Sunday, March 16, 2003.  Kneeling, Left to Right:  Gladiator, James Massimillo; "Squire" Patrick Barbato; Summa Palus, Maximus Mercurius Gladius (John Ebel, Lead Gladiator).  Standing, Left to Right:  Legionary Marcus Quintius Clavus (Quinton Johanson); Commander, Gallio Velius Marsallas (George Metz); "Tiro" Gladiator (Jason Radcliff); Senator, Marcus Minucius Audens (James Matthews); Lupus Brittanicus "Wolf of Britain" Primus Palus (Michael Cattellier); Patrician, Postumus Minucius Barrow (Brian Mackey); Gladiator-Retiarius, Aulus Cornelius Scipio Barbatos (Albert Barbato).  Absent from view - Cnaeus Valerius Dannicus (Daniel Zeidler).


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The Saturday Night Gala was truly a night to remember.  Following the serving of wine, "Summa Palus", Maximus Mercurius Gladius and "Retiarius" Aulus Cornelius Scipio Barbatus "laid-on" in a fight so furius and realistic (they both incurred some bruises and scratches) that those seated at the nearby tables actually cowered back, not being sure if the fighters might end up in their laps.  Commander Marsallas and Legionary Dannicus were standing behind the head-table holding up signs encouraging the crowds to "Roar" their approval, while other legionaries were stationed around the stage to ensure that the combatants did not "fight" their way off the platform.  After about five minutes of battle frenzy, the gladiators retired from the scene to lick their wounds and get a well deserved rest and feeding.

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Retiarius styled "Barbatus" glares with rage, after a "less than gentle" attack by Murmillo styled "Maximus".  At right, Barbatus "gets his revenge", as Senator and Procuratore, Marcus Audens, acting as referee, looks on.  


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The Belly Dancer Enters -  followed by her drummers and Maximus and Barbatus.  Later, Maximus and Barbatus get some reward? - Quality-Time?  with the Belly Dancer.


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  Brute and Evil Beauty !  -  Gladiators with Medusa !  ***   After the Festivities  -  Its Miller Time !


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The Legion XXIV encampment in the Univ-PA Museum Courtyard on Sunday, March 16, 2003.  The crowd beyond is observing a gladiatorial engagement by the Legion's Ludus Magnus Gladiatorium (great school of the gladiator).  The facade of the Franklin Field Stadium gave the atmosphere of being in the shadow of the Great Colosseum in ancient Rome.  Some 3000 people visited the encampment and/or observed the seven gladiatorial events staged throughout the day.  Legion XX of Maryland, with a Roman "contuberium" (8 man squad) leather tent, was also encamped on the other side of the Courtyard. 


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