Held annually at the Philadelphia Convention Center


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Members of Garrison Carida pose with 7 foot tall Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) during the Wizard World East Convention on May 11, 2002, in Philadelphia.  Left to right are:  Oberon TK124, Darth Paul SL603 (John Paul), Peter Mayhew (Chewie), Garrison XO - Imperial Naval Officer IN9141 (Jason Romanoff) and Garrison CO - Imperial Officer ID0076 (Jeff Romanoff).   


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Frank Wosczyna TK3329 and "Old Sarge" Oberon TD124  flank Captain America during the Wizard World East Convention on June 1, 2003, in Philadelphia.  


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The Old Sarge with actor David Prowse, who played  Darth Vader in the Star Wars Trilogy films.



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