TABERNA                  Tavern   -  Kitchen  -  Small eating place

TABULA ANSATA    Ornamented carrying handle on the rear neck guard of a helmet

TACITE                       Quietly

TARDA / TARDATE    Slow Down


TEREBRA                 Siege machine for drilling holes in walls

TESSERA                  Small wooded plaque with the Watchword, Password, Countersign written on it, also a term for a Tally, Token, Ticket.

TESSERARIUS         Keeper of the Watch / The Guard Commander

TESTUDO / TESTUDINEM    "Tortoise" in latin and the term applied to the well known defensive tactic of roman legionaries arranging their shields (scutum) in a box like formation over their heads and along their sides,  for protection from arrows and thrown objects,  when advancing toward a wall or other enemy position.

THORACOMACHUS     Padded body armor

TIBIA                          A reed instrument   See AULOS

TIBIALE / UDO         Stocking / Sock    

TIRO                          A recruit

TITULUM                   Short ditch in front of a gate for its protection   See CLAVICULA

TORMENTA              Artillery

TORQUES                  Ring ornament,  adopted from the Celts,  worn around the neck as an award or military decoration.   The "Phalerae" harness worn by a "Centurio" was frequently suspended from two torques connected by a scarf around the back of the neck.    Small torques were sometimes worn on the wrists as well.

TORQUATA      A title awarded to units rather than individual soldiers for achievements on the battle field.  The "Torque was affixed to the units "Standard".


TRANSFORMA       About Face  (lit. change)

TRIARII   "Third Rankers"  Older and experienced soldiers assigned to the third line of the battle formation as reserve troops. 

TRIBUNAL       Raised platform in front of the headquarters used for addressing the troops or adminstering justice.

TRIBUNE - TRIBUNUS   "Tribal Officer" Commanders of the six Cohorts which composed a Legion, were members of a Legate's (Legatio's) Staff, sometimes termed Senior or Junior to designate rank.   The Tribune assigned as second in command of the Legion was drawn from the Senatorial Class and was titled as "Tribunus Laticlavius".  The other five junior Tribunes termed "Tribunus Angusticlavius" came from the Equestrian Class and were in the midst of their careers.  They were primarily administrative and had no defined military command responsibilities.  

TRIBUTUM-CAPITIS     Head / Poll Tax

TRIBUTUM-SOLI           Property Tax

TRIERARCH          Captain of a galley, generally a Trireme, see below

TRIREMES       "Trireme" Galley with sails and up to 170 single rowers on three levels,  capable of speeds over ten knots.   They were the principal type of warship in early antiquity. 

TRIUMPHUS    A triumphal entry into the City of Rome;  the highest honor bestowed upon a victorius commander

TROPAEUM         Trophy or memorial of a victory.  A tree or pole from which the spoils were hung. 

TUBA / TUBAE     Trumpet/s  with a straight tube as opposed to the curled tube "Cornu". 

TUBICEN          A Trumpeter

TUBILUSTRIUM    The feast of trumpets, a ceremony at which the instruments were purified twice a year on 23rd March and 23rd May

TUNICA             Tunic of wool or linen. The basic uniform garment of a legionary.   White or Red; its color is much debated.

TURMA              Cavalry unit of thirty horsemen

TURRIS              A Turret or Tower,  also refers to a Siege Tower and sometimes to a mansion or castle.

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